Breckland School Attendance:  Mrs Croot (email)

Attendance is closely linked to academic achievement.  The more days of education missed by a student, the lower their chances of success.

In line with government expectations, Breckland School has the following aims:

  • Promote an expectation that children will attend school every day the school is available and reduce absence, including persistent absence (a child is classed as being persistently absence if they fail to attend at least 90%, which equates to one day of absence every two weeks)
  • Ensure every student has access to full-time education to which they are entitled, and, act early to address patterns of absence
  • Encourage parents to perform their legal duty by ensuring their children of compulsory school age who are registered at school attend school every day the school is available
  • Ensure all students are punctual to their lessons

In order to fulfil these aims, we will take action for any student whose attendance drops below 95%.  Initially we will send letters informing you of our concern and requesting medical evidence for absence.  Should this prove ineffective, we will organise an attendance panel meeting and consider more significant consequences such as issuing a fixed penalty fine or progressing to court proceedings, which could potentially lead to imprisonment.

Good attendance will be rewarded and we are currently consulting with students to establish a range of rewards for students maintaining a high level of attendance and those with a significantly improved level of attendance.

To report an absence call 01842 819501 or email preferably by 8.15am.  The Attendance Officer will also require proof of appointments.

Parents/carers should notify the school on each day of their child’s absence.

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