Breckland School are constantly reviewing and improving communication between the school and home. Below is an overview of the current systems available and the purpose of each one.

Paramount to effective communication is the need for correct contact information to be held by the school. We are currently use Parent Lite which links with SIMS (our school information management software) and, via an App, the main contacts with parental responsibility can securely update key contact details and information about our student. For further information read SIMS Parent Lite Privacy Statement V1.0.


It is a requirement for all schools to communicate with parents/carers on the first day of a child’s absence to establish the reason for the absence. We have an automated system (In-Touch) to contact you if your child is marked absent during morning registration (this will not be activated if we have received a phone call from you by 8.40am).  Not only does this enable us to establish the reason for the absence, but it will also alert you if your child has not arrived at school.  Once the automated service is activated, you will receive a text message from 07860 095391. Please reply to the text message.
InTouch is used for all school messages. InTouch is a facility which runs directly from our school management information system and uses the contact information provided to the school by parents and carers.

Go 4 Schools

Go 4 Schools is a student information system which can be used to look at your child’s academic progress and attainment, home learning, behaviour and attendance.  Please ensure you can access this portal.  Further guidance on how to access Go 4 Schools can be found here or in your child’s learning diary.

Learning Diaries

Please ensure you check your child’s learning diary weekly, acknowledging this with a signature.  You may receive messages from class teachers and will be able to monitor your child’s home learning and detentions (if applicable).  You may also wish to send a message to the school using this method (i.e. an explanation of why they cannot participate in a PE lesson).

Facebook and school website

Both this website and our Facebook page provide information about the school.

To ensure these systems are able to function effectively please ensure that the office has your up-to-date contact details (i.e. landline number, mobile phone number, email address, postal address).

If you have any queries about our communication systems please contact Mr Winn (Principal)