Breckland School

Bad Weather and Emergency Closures

In principle, we aim to keep the school open if at all possible regardless of the weather. A decision not to open the school will usually be made by 7.00am. The school will generally only not open if it seems clear that it would be hazardous for a significant number of staff and students to get to school or if insufficient numbers of staff can get into school to ensure adequate supervision of students.

The responsibility for the closure of the school rests with the Principal and notice of such closure will be made on this website and the Suffolk County Council school closures web page. Local radio stations will also be informed and announcements will be made on:

  • Radio Suffolk  Frequencies: 95.5, 95.9, 103.9 and 104.6FM
  • Heart  Frequencies: 97.1 and 96.4FM

Parents are requested not to contact school to enquire about closure as this will block the telephone lines which may be needed by the school.

If it becomes necessary to close the school during the working day, because of severe weather or any other cause, the following steps will be taken:

  1. This website, Breckland School Facebook page and the Suffolk County Council school closures web page will be updated.
  2. Suffolk and Norfolk County Council’s Transport Department, the operators of school transport  used by our students, will be informed. Transport operators will be asked to attend as soon as possible. All students will be cared for until the appropriate buses arrive, at which time they will leave in their usual bus or in accordance with any alternative arrangement made by the Local Authority’s Transport Department. Student’s using the Breckland School Minibus will be transported home at the earliest opportunity, conditions permitted. It is advisable for parents to have alternative arrangements in the event that the buses cannot run due to bad weather.
  3. The radio stations will be asked to give out the information that the school is closing and the time at which it is closing. It can not be guaranteed that the school will manage to get through.
  4. The students will be informed that the school is closing and that they should follow the instructions that parents have given them in advance about what to do if the school closes. All students must be aware of what arrangements you are likely to put in place in the event of the school closing due to bad weather.

Please ensure your child comes to school with warm, waterproof clothing in the eventuality of bad weather.

It is vital that we hold up-to-date contact information for you. Please contact Reception if you wish to amend your contact details.