Breckland School

Assessment & Reporting

Our Academic Checks provide parents and carers with an overview of their child’s achievement and progress in each subject that they study, as well as information on their effort, behaviour and home learning. Over the course of the academic year parents and carers will receive three academic checks (two for those with children in Year 11) to update on their child’s achievement and progress.

This information is available for parents and carers to view via Go4Schools. Go4Schools is an online reporting system that allows you to see home learning information, regular assessment data as well as reports and other information, including attendance figures and behaviour details. It is our primary method of communication about these areas. The assessment information on your child’s Go4Schools page is kept live and up-to-date.

Parents and carers will also have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at parents’ evening.

Key Stage 3 Progression Grids

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