Breckland School


As a school, we aim to prevent and deal with any behaviour deemed as bullying, and to promote an ethos where bullying is regarded as unacceptable, so that a safe and secure environment is created for everyone to learn and work in.

  • Raising awareness of, and defining bullying by running year group assemblies devoted to anti-bullying as well as gaining an understanding as to why some students bully
  • Positive action to prevent bullying within the scheme of work for Citizenship and opportunities within other curriculum areas
  • Development of a consistent response to any bullying incidents of which the school is aware
  • Provision of support for all members of the school community who may be involved in a bullying situation
  • Developing and supporting home, school and community partnerships
  • We will raise the profile of anti-bullying by tying into the annual anti-bullying week campaign
  • We will provide training for staff to help them to recognise the signs of bullying and on how to deal with bullying effectively
  • We will aim to deal swiftly, sensitively and effectively with instances of bullying that occur

Students who are being bullied, who know of anyone being bullied or who have witnessed an incident are to talk with a member of the Student Support Team.

Alternatively text our Anti-Bullying Line on 07938 975276 or email

SHARP (Student Help Advice Reporting Page)

Breckland School is committed to offer the highest level of pastoral care.

However, we are aware that, at times, some people can find it hard to speak out when they have concerns or are facing issues either at school, at home, or in the community.

To break down these barriers, we are thrilled to launch our new dedicated School Help and Advice Reporting Page (SHARP) system. SHARP is an easy way for students or parents/carers to report concerns, anonymously if necessary, and without fear.

Whilst we would always encourage our students to speak out to the pastoral team directly, SHARP provides an additional layer of support if and when needed. It can be accessed on phones, tablets, consoles or any device with an internet connection. Alongside the reporting system, SHARP offers advice on key issues many young people will face throughout their lives such as those relating to alcohol, drugs, bullying and internet safety.

If you or your child wish to report any concerns, the SHARP system can be accessed by clicking or by visiting the Breckland School website: and clicking the ‘Report a Concern’ button <needs to be added????>. You can also download the ‘SHARP’ application on most smart phones.

Please note that the system is not an emergency service and we continue to encourage students who require immediate help outside school hours to access Childline via or telephone 08001111.

How does the SHARP System work?

When contact is made via SHARP, it will be received directly by designated members of the school’s pastoral team who will act on the information with sensitivity and assess what support we can offer. Typically, this will be within 24–48 hours during term time. Before submitting information via the system, users will be asked to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Information submitted by email or online form (for anonymous submissions) within the SHARP system will be received by only designated members of our pastoral team. On receipt, the information will be reviewed and assessed by a member of the team and transferred to the school’s safeguarding recording system. No information will be stored within the SHARP system, including any malicious or unsubstantiated allegations. Please take the time to look at the system and talk to your child about how they can use it to help keep Breckland School a safe, friendly, and supportive place to be.

If you have any further questions, please do get in contact.