As a school, we aim to prevent and deal with any behaviour deemed as bullying, and to promote an ethos where bullying is regarded as  unacceptable, so that a safe and secure environment is created for everyone to learn and work in.

  • Raising awareness of, and defining bullying by running year group assemblies devoted to anti-bullying as well as gaining an understanding as to why some students bully
  • Positive action to prevent bullying within the scheme of work for Citizenship and opportunities within other curriculum areas
  • Development of a consistent response to any bullying incidents of which the school is aware
  • Provision of support for all members of the school community who may be involved in a bullying situation
  • Developing and supporting home, school and community partnerships
  • We will raise the profile of anti-bullying by tying into the annual anti-bullying week campaign
  • We will provide training for staff to help them to recognise the signs of bullying and on how to deal with bullying effectively
  • We will aim to deal swiftly, sensitively and effectively with instances of bullying that occur

Students who are being bullied, who know of anyone being bullied or who have witnessed an incident are to talk with a member of the Student Support Team.

Alternatively text our Anti-Bullying Line 07938 975276 or email