Home to School Transport

Suffolk County Council Entitlement to free home to school transport

Is your child eligible for Suffolk County Council funded school travel? Suffolk’s School Travel Policy was amended from September 2019. It is important that you understand how this might affect your child’s eligibility for funded school travel. To find out more visit www.suffolkonboard.com/schooltravel

If your child is eligible for funded school travel you now need to opt-in (apply) each year so they can receive it. The opt-in window for the 2021-22 academic year is open from 1 March 2020 to 31 May 2021. To find out more visit http://www.suffolkonboard.com/optin.

In general Suffolk County Council’s policy with regard to free transport is that free transport will be provided to Breckland School if the student lives in Suffolk, more than 3 miles from our school and Breckland School is the nearest secondary school to the student’s home and transport is applied for.

Norfolk County Council Entitlement to free home to school transport

In general Norfolk County Council will provide Free home to school transport for Norfolk pupil’s attending Breckland School if they live over 3 miles from Breckland School and this school is nearer than their catchment school.

For further information visit the website https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/education-and-learning/school-and-college-transport/home-to-school-transport.

Coach Services Public Bus Thetford, Mildenhall and Lakenheath to Brandon (Service 201)

This is a public bus that stops close to our school as part of a longer route.  The 201 service runs past Breckland School shortly before the start and soon after the end of the school day.  The buses run to a longer timetable and do not wait!  Tickets are purchased from the driver by contactless payment or cash in the usual way for public buses.  The timetables and route maps can be found on Coach Services website here: https://www.coachservicesltd.com/timetables-maps/   Bus fare information can be found here https://www.coachservicesltd.com/fares-tickets/

Breckland School Private Transport

Breckland School offer private bus transport for students who live in the areas of Feltwell, Methwold, Mundford and Thetford. Places are limited and will be issued on a first come first served basis. We operate a waiting list.  There is a charge for this service, £665 for 2021-22. The timetables and routes are listed below and if you are interested in applying for a place on one of the Breckland School buses please complete this application form.

Breckland 1 IN
Wilton Road 0710
Bell Street 0712
Post Office 0714
Central Garage 0715
Methwold Hythe:
Chapel 0720
Hythe Court Spa 0723
Fire Station 0725
Methwold Road Chapel 0730
Old School Bus Stop 0740
Hereward Way 0750
Breckland School 0805
Breckland 1 OUT
Hereward Way 1520
Old School Bus Stop 1530
Methwold Road Chapel 1535
Fire Station 1545
Hythe Court Spa 1547
Methwold Hythe:
Chapel 1550
Post Office 1555
Central Garage 1556
Bell Street 1558
Wilton Road 1600